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On Wednesday, November 4, around 40 Compton high school teachers expressed their disapproval for a school bond ballot measure that had passed on Election Tuesday by staging a “sick-out,” leaving much of the Compton Unified School District without an educator to keep the peace.

Parents were called and advised they could pick up their children if they desired–or leave them at home like in the case of 15-year-old Kaelyn Prado.

The majority of voters approved Measure S in Tuesday’s elections, which made it possible for the school district to issue $350 million in bonds, per the Los Angeles County Clerk. The bond money will reportedly be used to “make schools modern, safe and inspiring.” The news may sound like a good deal but the several of the Compton high school teachers didn’t want the incumbents to stick around for another term.

“While this is a day of celebration for many throughout Compton, it is unfortunate our partners, our teachers, chose to express their feelings as it relates to result of election by not coming to work today,” newly re-elected school board president Micah Ali told NBC Los Angeles.

Back in August, Dr. Dre revealed that he planned on donating all his royalites from his recently released album Compton to fund an arts center in the neighborhood. The Compton Unified School District appears to be getting all the resources it needs to jump from the bottom of the list but some parents feel the teachers need better compensation.

The Compton Education Association, the union that represents teachers, counselors and school nurses, declined to comment on the matter to NBC Los Angeles.

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Photo: NBC Los Angeles