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The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a sluggish 0-4 start, despite storylines of the return of Kobe Bryant, former championship marquee player Byron Scott in the coaching seat and rookie D’Angelo Russell being linked to dating Kendall Jenner. The team’s woes are so bad, it even forced the great Magic Johnson to assess the reality of the struggle.

The goofballs over at Sports Illustrated’s The Cauldron decided to kick Bean while he was down and created a mash-up of his lousy 11-point, 4-of-11 shooting night against the Denver Nuggets with a NBA Jam parody.

The comedy is real and the struggle is even more apparent. Especially that jab at Kobe’s two-year, $48.5-million retirement plan contract extension.

Of course this video will come back to haunt them if Kobe and the Lake Show can turn up the juice as the regular season gets underway. However, that is a mighty big if the way they are operating as a ball club.

Look and laugh at the NBA Jam parody down below.

Photo: NBA