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Jawanza Ingram, an 18-year-old Howard University student, was the center of controversy this weekend after he went public that the school evicted him from his dormitory. The #HomelessAtHoward hashtag was erected last week on social media, which discussed Ingram’s plight and also delved deep into his private life as well.

The saga began when Ingram was evicted from the dorm last Tuesday over what he told a local NBC News outlet for breaking security rules. He admitted to leaving an emergency door propped open to let some Howard students in for a birthday party. Ingram went public with the eviction which in turn sparked the hashtag. Wisely using the opportunity to bring attention to the matter, Ingram has appeared in several interviews and in photos that have been shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Local talk radio outlet WTOP reports that an alum has offered to house Ingram rent free for the rest of the school year.Ingram, who is at the school on a full scholarship, challenged the school’s eviction on the basis of his free ride but was denied at every turn.  Ingram isn’t allowed to stay on campus until July 2016 according to the school.

While Ingram claims he doesn’t have a disciplinary record, Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick disputed that assertion after he responded to the matter after releasing a statement.

Even more curious, social media users accused Ingram of selling drugs on campus although those claims are largely unsubstantiated. There are others viewpoints that Ingram is milking this current run in the media for personal gain, and reportedly turned down the housing that was offered to him over the weekend.

Again, these are all speculative matters at the time and Ingram has addressed some of these issues and more via his social media accounts.

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