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Yet another entry for you to e-mail your “we’re living in a post-racial America” diehards. The portraits of all the Black professors at Harvard Law were covered with black tape just a day after students rallied and marched on campus in support of Black student activists around the country. 

It was enough to make a cowardly racist react.

Reports Think Progress:

Photos taken by Harvard PhD candidate Clint Smith show the portraits of tenured African American law professors, which are displayed in the law school’s main building, marked by black slashes of tape across their faces.

Leland Shelton, the president of the Black Law Students Association, told ThinkProgress that he viewed the incident as a hostile action. It “wasn’t done by an ally. It wasn’t in support of black students and black professors,” Shelton said.

Shelton began receiving text messages from concerned students about 8:30 on Thursday morning.

Reportedly, some of the backlash is due to calls from Black law students to remove the family crest of of Isaac Royall Jr., a noted slaveowner, from the school’s seal.

We think Clint Smith (a law student who captured some of the images) sums it up best.

See the photos below and on the following page.

Photo: Twitter/@@ClintSmithIII

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