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Diamond and Silk, the women who have become Internet sensations due to their support of Donald Trump, haven’t toned down their boot-shining act one bit. Now, the so-called “Stump For Trump Girls” are back with a new video, “Stump 4 Trump,” which sets their coon antics to music.

Over at Diamond and Silk’s website, they’ve collected a series of pro-Donald Trump tracks and featured one from an artist that goes by the name Convertable for the “Stump 4 Trump” video.

The cheaply-made production features a series of Trump images along with some of the worst struggle bars ever recorded. As the track plays, Diamond and Silk essentially put on their tap dance shoes and danced a little jig all in the name of the GOP presidential hopeful throughout the video.

If you must view this atrocity, the video is posted below. And if the rare chance you’d like to download this track for any reason, follow this link.

Photo: screen cap/YouTube