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If you’re looking for potential Donald Trump supporters, here are some surefire candidates. Cadets at the Citadel were recently caught wearing KKK hoods while singing Christmas carols. 

Reports Raw Story:

A woman who posted the photos said she was threatened and offered bribes to remove the images from her Facebook page, reported WCIV-TV.

“I was threatened, harassed and offered money from numerous Citadel Cadets to take it offline in order to not ‘ruin their lives,’” the woman said.

The TV station obscured her name to protect her privacy.

The Facebook post indicates the cadets are singing Christmas carols while wearing the white hoods, and a man school president Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa calledan “upper class cadet” is shown taking part in one of the photos.

School officials have not commented on the incident, but the station reported the incident is under investigation.

A source said the men seen wearing the hoods are likely first-year students, or “knobs,” based on the way they are standing.

The students are likely taking part in a form of hazing, the source said.

Worth noting is that the Citadel was established in 1842 as a military college, operating before, during and after the Civil War (read: South Carolina was team slavery).

So, these cadets were either carrying on tradition or card-carrying racist trolls. Probably both. Props to the big dummy rocking a big ass The Citadel hoodie with a smile on his face amidst the white hoods gang.

Also, the cadets are claiming they’re supposed to be “ghosts,” not Klansmen. If that’s the best story they can come up with, they deserve to be expelled off g.p., and stupidity.

See the damning pictures below and on the flip. No investigation necessary.

Photos: Facebook

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