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Lil B definitely has it out for a few NBA players especially those named James Harden and Kevin Durant. Back when the Cleveland Cavaliers were headed into their eventual NBA Finals lost against the Golden State Warriors last June, LeBron James, Kylie Irving and J.R. Smith risked getting their stats sheets doomed thanks to the Basedgod Curse when they celebrated with his patented cooking dance.

What could have been disastrous was smoothed over when the team’s coolest player, Iman Shumpert, stepped in and made peace with the Oakland rap star.

“[Iman Shumpert] definitely respects the Warriors and respects what’s going down in the Bay Area,” Lil B told the crew on the Warriors World podcast last week. “LeBron [James], Kyrie [Irving], and J.R. [Smith] almost got cursed, but Iman being the representative of the Cavs and knowing where the swag came from, he immediately cleared things up. It’s been good ever since.”

Shumpert, who is currently recovering from a wrist injury, also raps as a side hustle so it was only inevitable for him to get in the studio with his newfound ally. Elsewhere in the interview, Lil B couldn’t resist speaking on Harden and Durant’s current season.

“He’s inconsistent,” he said of Harden. “He’s not a team player at all. He’s hard-headed.” He also still is waiting on the KD one-on-one-matchup and has been studying the game in the textbook context.

“I’ve been working on my game, working on my shot, really just dealing with the backboard, embracing the backboard, working on my drives, and learning more about the game,” he said. “I actually just read the NBA rules. I’ve been reading the rules of the NBA and making sure, even if I’m playing streetball, I’m just trying to train and play the best, most honest ball I can.”

In 2012, Lil B famously tried out for the Golden State Warriors during their open tryout session.

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