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Meek Mill hasn’t exactly done himself any favors when it comes to staying on the straight and narrow as far as his parole and staying out of the bing. However, could part of his legal issues be due to an “obsessed” parole officer? 

The Philadelphia rapper’s P.O. is Treas Underwood, and sources say she has been trying to get Meek locked up for years.

Reports Page Six:

Mill’s been ordered to remain in Philly after a series of hearings in his hometown over violation of probation from a 2008 conviction, and been told by a judge to stay put till a Feb. 5 sentencing.

But insiders wonder whether Mill’s probation woes are in part due to his probation’s officer’s “obsession” with having a famous client.

“She keeps showing up to his community service, which is not common,” a source said. “She has 122 other cases, but she has it out for him. Probation is supposed to be a rehabilitative thing, but she will do anything to keep him on probation.”

Sources claim Mill and Underwood have a history, though she won’t acknowledge personally knowing the rapper before taking his case.

“She’s from his neighborhood and he had an altercation with her cousin Coo when they were younger,” said a source.

We’re told Mill’s been trying to get her removed from his case ever since.

A giggling Underwood first pretended to be someone else when we reached her for comment, but then ’fessed up it was her and wished us a happy holiday before directing us to call her boss, who did not comment.

Umm, what’s funny about someone seeking comment?

Where there’s smoke…

Meek Mill will find out if he’s heading back to jail for a parole violation in February.

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