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Waka Flocka Flame joins a growing chorus of naysayers who actually believe that the more than 50 women who accused Bill Cosby of rape and sexual assault are part of some nefarious plot. The Down South rapper took to Twitter to call shenanigans on the accusations, stating that some shadowy figure is “framing” the comedian and entertainer.

On New Year’s Day when most are plowing through their yearly resolutions and goals, Waka Flocka Flame blessed the masses with his theories on Cosby.

“I really feel like somebody is framing Bill Cosby,” tweeted Waka the afternoon of Jan. 1. He then fired off a series of tweets that continued down that long, deep rabbit hole.

“Every time a famous minority make it they throw salt in the game,” added Flocka. “An organized lie.”

Of course, peoople have beeing getting Waka out the paint since he’s made the utterance and thankfully he kept the foolhardy rant brief.

Photo: Instagram