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Killer Mike was a guest Tuesday night (Jan. 5) on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but not as a performer. The Run The Jewels star sat down with Colbert to discuss a myriad of topics stretching from politics, racism and fatherhood.

As many have come to discover, Killer Mike, born Michael Render, is an exceptional and captivating speaker who uses his big voice to hammer home his often brilliant points. In his six-minute sit-down with Colbert, Mike made certain to entertain the crowd along with enlightening them as well.

Decked out in a fresh Polo sweatsuit, Mike explained that his wife has him on a diet and he’s lost four pounds which got some big laughs from the crowd. Colbert, ever the quick, jabbed at Mike for wearing “formal sweats” but the rapper was just as slick in his retort.

“This is my PTA meeting outfit,” explained Mike. He added, “When I gotta talk around other parents and I don’t wanna dress like, you know, a rapper. You put on a sweatsuit that has a cardigan sweater.”

It wasn’t all jokes as the conversation turned to the looming specter of systemic racism and how communities of color have been under attack. Of course, Colbert lightened the mood just slightly enough as the silence grew uncomfortable at one point but the overall message was resounding.

Check out Killer Mike’s interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert below.

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