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Killer Mike took to Twitter this morning to voice his support for a number of women who were sexually harassed by a former publicist he worked closely with. Heathcliff Berru, a well-known fixture in music industry circles, has since stepped down from his position at the Life or Death company after the revelation of the allegations.

As reported by Billboard on Tuesday (Jan. 19), Berru, a longtime publicist and CEO with Life or Death, resigned after Amber Coffman of the group Dirty Projectors took to Twitter and retold the details of her harassment. Several other artists connected to Berru and the company also came forward on Twitter which led to the company issuing a statement of intolerance of such behavior.

Killer Mike, a client of Life or Death,  spoke in defense of the women who were harassed and even managed to show a bit of compassion towards Berru in a Twitter rant regarding the matter.

“My Publicist Lost his wife, biz & Rep. My friend Got an ear full from me about how f*cked up he behaved.  Amber deserves all our support,” tweeted the Run The Jewels star.

He added, “Cliff is still my friend and i will support him in being a better human being. Life or death is no more and cliff will be dealing with his drug and alcohol issues. My real desire is to see These women Whole healthy and rocking out like great artist and members [of] the culture.”

Berru issued a statement regarding his behavior and his resignation, which can be read in full by following this link. In the statement, Berru says he’ll be getting professional help with his drug and alcohol addictions.

While some artists have decided to part ways with Life or Death as a result of Berru’s actions, many say they’re shifting their relationship to work with others in the company.

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