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An elderly Florida woman was shaken out of her sleep after discovering an exotic animal known as a kinkajou sleeping on her chest and throwing her into a panic. The kinkajou, which looks like a mix of several types of animals but part of the raccon family, was captured and eventually returned to its owner.

WSVN reports:

The encounter with the exotic animal, which is part of the raccoon family, made for one interesting Monday night at the household before it ended up at South Dade Animal Hospital.

“I guess she thought maybe it was a cat, but once they got a look at each other, classic, both of them screamed, both of them ran,” said Dr. Don Harris of the South Dade Animal Hospital. “The lady ran to get help to call her daughter, and the kinkajou ran up to the attic.”

Kinkajous are mostly found in Central and South America. However, officials said, this one was being kept as a pet and had escaped. The owner will pick it up on Wednesday.

The animal itself is not dangerous but when scared, a bite from them with their sharp teeth could cause one to lose a limb if not properly treated according to reports.

The owner, Ray Fernandez, is now reunited with his precious Banana, a female, and she’s reportedly resting well at home after scaring the living bejeezus out of that poor lady.

Could you imagine being on your fourth dream and waking up to THAT on you? Call the coroner.

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Photo: WSVN