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The NYPD knows damn well that Beyonce‘s halftime performance at the Super Bowl wasn’t an attack on police, despite what conservative trolls would have you believe. Nevertheless, they’d like Bey to state the obvious. 

Reports TMZ:

Our NYPD sources admit they don’t believe Beyonce was advocating hostility toward police in her homage to the Black Panthers. Problem is … they say that’s the way it came across for millions of viewers.

We’re told cops are bitter and want her to publicly disavow violence or any other type of aggression toward police. While she’s at it, they’d also like an explanation as to what she really meant.

All that said, our sources were quick to add they will fully protect Beyonce when she’s in NYC.

What she really meant? Try #BlackLivesMatter. Or, Black is beautiful. Or, watch us slay.

Not that malarkey about BLM being a hate group, though. Of course all lives matter, the problem is innocent Black people getting brutalized and murdered means their lives being just as valuable needs to be stressed because clearly too many rogue cops didn’t get the memo.

This all comes after a Miami police union voted to boycott Bey’s concert (read: not do their jobs because they feel a ways).

Photo: Kevin Mazur – Getty Images/Roc Nation Sports/Golden Boy Promotions