If you live in the West Village in NYC, your local weed man may be incognito. Cops seized 3oo pounds of marijuana being unloaded from a truck on Friday (Feb. 26). 

Reports the New York Daily News:

Cops seized as much as $1 million worth of California bud in broad daylight in the West Village Friday after finding that a crate craftily labeled “art” actually contained drugs, law enforcement sources said.

Police from the Manhattan North Narcotics unit intercepted the whopping 300 pounds of marijuana after watching three men unload the faux art package from a commercial delivery truck in front of 144 Bleecker St. at 1:20 p.m.

Another crate still in the van and addressed to another location — this one stamped “auto parts” — was also packed with weed stuffed into plastic bags, sources said.

Patrick Johnson, 46, and Christopher Bender and Matthew Parrigo, both 27, were each charged with criminal drug possession in the first degree.

Someone dropped dime on the delivery men because cops were reportedly acting on a tip and were ready with a drug sniffing dog. It was Johnson’s home where the goods were being delivered.

Cold world. See images of NYC’s haul including the crates and truck used, below and on the flip.


Photo: Office of the Special Prosecutor

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