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The manager of a Popeyes in East New Orleans hired a guy after he stopped a robbery during his job interview. The robbery attempt went down Saturday (March 19) afternoon and though the 18-year-old applicant probably wasn’t expecting to put his life on the line for chicken and biscuits, leaping into action worked out in his favor.

The suspect, identified as 50-year-old Pablo Cascart, tried to snatch money out of the register and run off. Location manager, Danyanna Metoyer went to grab Cascart’s arm but he managed to wiggle free. That’s when job applicant Devin Washington “got up and bent his arm back,” and a cook jumped in to sustain Cascart until the cops rolled up.

Washington was hired right after the incident, and as far as the crook goes, he picked the wrong chicken joint to jack.

“We hadn’t made hardly any money,” said Metoyer. “He wasn’t going to take the $300 to 400 we probably had made. We needed our money.”

Photo: FB