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You’ve seen the top, bottom and all sides of Atlanta. But Chilly Chills going to show you heart of it.

Chilly Chills says that he is approaching music with what is called the “boiling frog method.”

“People hear some of my songs and just get caught up in the beat,” he says. “It’s like the boiling frog method.  You can sit a frog in a pot of water, and start to boil it. At first it just feels like a jacuzzi. But after a while, it relaxes and falls asleep. After that it dies from the heat. People are going to get so caught up in the beat that when they finally do catch on to what I’m saying, it’s too late, I already have them.” 

If you couldn’t tell, Chilly Chills loves to use metaphors. It’s that way of thinking and how he applies it to his music that has made him one of the rising stars in Atlanta’s highly competitive rap scene. While he already has the blessings of some of the city’s OGs, he is out to guide people who are his age and younger. Whether that’s through music, donating money to local schools or being a spokesperson for the anti-tobacco Fresh Empire campaign.

“I’m gonna make a shift in the culture,” he says. “It’s gonna hit the fan. It’s gonna fee like when NASA blasts one of their rockets, but says that they didn’t do it.”


Who: Chilly Chills was born and raised in the Mechanicsville community of Atlanta. It’s the part of town that T.I.’s ATL movie was heavily centered around.

Credentials: Both Kanye West and Andre 3000 have gave him musical blessings. He has opened for J. Cole and performed at SXSW and A3C.

Fun Fact: Chilly Chills is actually a name and a phrase. His original nickname was just “Chilly,” but he tends to be chill most times, so “Chilly, chills.” He also attended both Alabama State University and the University of Alabama to study Communications.


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