Popular New York City music venue Santos Party House is closing down after hosting a Pro-Nazi band performance.

Just a few days after Troy Ave turned Irving Plaza into a crime scene, another live music location is dealing with the consequences from their own controversial actions.

Popular music venue Santos Party House was forced to close their doors after word got out that the nightclub hosted a punk music festival that was allegedly affiliated with Neo-Nazism during Memorial Day weekend no less.

The Manhattan nightclub made the sudden announcement yesterday (May 30) after getting chastised on social media for allowing the skinhead band, Oi Fest, to play the venue the night before (May 29).

Though many believe the closing of the Santos Party House doors is a direct result of the backlash it received for letting a Pro-Nazi band play the stage, part-owner Andrew W.K. has another explanation.

Reports DNAInfo:

The nightclub at 96 Lafayette St. — which is part-owned by musician and famous party guy Andrew W.K. — shuttered on Monday, according to the club’s manager, who said only that management had decided not to renew its lease, which expires this year.

“It was a 10 year lease,” said Sean Kane. “Our lease is up and we’re not renewing it.”

While they very well may be the case it doesn’t quite explain why the club’s website still has events and performances listed all the way till July including a show from the legendary DJ Tony Touch himself.

Only time will tell if their decision to keep their doors closed for good will still but one thing that’s for sure is that Neo-Nazism is not going to be tolerated today’s social media society.

Santos Party House was popular with Hip-Hop acts with legendary DJs like Clark Kent, D-Nice and Tony Touch playing there often. Artists including Bun B and Raekwon have also appeared at the venue. Santos gained much of its notoriety from Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest hosting various events there.

Image: Instagram