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The same way Bank Of America won’t hesitate to hit you with an overdraft fee, they are quick to fire full frontal racists. 

A 57-year old Atlanta woman named Christine McMullen Lindgren was relieved of her services after customers and other people complained about her very public Facebook rant.


The rant did not go unnoticed and people immediately let their feelings be known by contacting Bank of America, the place she had listed as her employer.

Here are some of the comments per Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Does Christine McMullen Lindgren really work for you? If she is one of your employees, are you going to take action against her? Failure to do so sends a very loud message to your current African-American customers. I’m sure possible new customers will have a second thought before opening an account with Bank of America if this is not addressed properly.

I hope this company’s values do not align with Christine’s. Let this be a lesson to those who choose to be nasty on the Internet and believe their actions have no repercussion. Please, let me and others who have reported her know that this situation will be taken care of. Thank you.

BOA responded and fired McMullen Thursday afternoon.

Per AJC:

Andy Aldridge, a senior vice president and communications manager for the bank, confirmed that Lindgren had worked at the bank and that the comments were “reprehensible and unacceptable.”

“We have investigated the matter and terminated her,” Aldridge said. “She no longer works for Bank of America.”

Aldridge would not say what Lindgren or what specific branch she worked at, other than in “Metro Atlanta.”

Aldridge said the bank even took the unprecedented step of announcing and confirming Lindgren’s firing on their Twitter account and, yes, Facebook page.

McMullen has since deleted her Facebook page.

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