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Last week during the NBA Finals, model Roni Rose inadvertently made a name for herself: she was caught standing courtside, gazing in Steph Curry’s direction with her mouth slightly agape. ‘Come hither’ eyes and all. The picture went viral and of course the internet went ham with allegations that Steph could easily step out on his wife Ayesha.

Up until Saturday (June 11), neither Curry responded to the rumors, which is expected as they both have a number of endorsements and projects to focus on and primarily, the Currys are about their bread. Every once in a while though, the woman of the house claps back.

It really began on Friday (June 10) when Bossip tweeted that Ayesha was being ‘petty’ by tossing a couple of Cleveland Cavalier shirts to some fans. She responded, “Yes, as I give the shirts to my family who live here in Cleveland…. You should write a relevant story. Ha.”

Our sister site continued to needle her upon realizing that they’d gotten a response out of the usually staunch young wife and mother.

“The relevant story is, did you pull up on the strong jaw jawn like this? *@cthagod voice*,” Bossip shot back.

Ayesha wasted no time in finally setting the record straight. “What I think is you need to leave her alone. They’ve been supporting the dubs for a long time. Stop judging. It’s irrelevant.”

Welp. Guess that answers that.


Photo: Instagram