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Over the course of the morning, the trending topic #LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted has exploded on Twitter. As expected, some of the replies in the tweets have been right on point.

Although it’s been previously used earlier this year, for some reason #LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted caught on like wildfire in the last 10 hours and is still going strong.

Rightfully so, a lot of Hip-Hop lyrics made the cut for lyrics that need to be screamed from the mountaintops but an occasional weird lyric from an R&B song has also been shared under the trend. There are old songs, new songs, Hip-Hop classics and much more that have gotten the shout remix treatment.

Check out the funniest #LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted tweets we could find, and add your own by following this link. And try not to find yourself shouting some of theses lyrics while you’re reading through them.

Photo: By Staff Sergeant J.L. Wright Jr. – images, Public Domain,

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