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We don’t know what this woman’s last boyfriend did, but he surely pulled a number on her. In a video that sure to go viral if it hasn’t already, this lovely looking young woman is seen bigging up the joys of life (“Edges is back like they never left!”) then pulling a 180 as she starts barking on the f*ckboy that wronged her.

“If you ain’t gonna be right, ain’t gonna do right. leave me alone bruh! Sick of this sh*t,” she says. “I swear to God, the next ni**a that break my heart going to have to square the f*ck up. On God!”

Thanks to the Internets, the wronged woman in question is B. Simone, who describes herself as a recording artist and actress (her Vine and SnapChat: TheBSimone).

Over under dude she’s talking about had a girlfriend she knew about? Also, did she meet him in church or nah?

So many questions, so many emotions. Peep the clip below. Bruh…

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