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Birdman pulled the ultimate capitalist move when he flipped the embarrassment from his dis-respek-ful Breakfast Club interview into a clothing line. But now a man claiming to own copyrights to the word seems to want a cut.

A man going by the name of “JV” is claiming that he has owned the word and had been running a clothing line called “This Respek Wear” since 2005. In recent weeks he has taken to Instagram to post videos proving that he had the word first.



To JV’s credit, the length of his social media timeline alone at least proves that he’s been selling clothes with the mispelled word on it years before Birdman created his line.

TMZ is reporting that they have obtained a copy of a letter that JV’s lawyer sent to Birdman asking the Cash Money CEO to call them to discuss a few things. Apparently, the literature in the letter is not threatening a lawsuit, yet. So far, the most they’ve done is create shirts mocking Birdman and started a hashtag, “#respektheoriginal.” But if Birdman doesn’t wake up out of his $1 million cash-cushioned bed and pick up the phone, don’t be surprised if they take more aggressive action.


Birdman is already facing a lawsuit from his estranged “son” and artist Lil Wayne for unpaid advances and royalties.

Continue reading to see some of JV’s This Respek Gear clothing. Cop if you like.

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