Seems like “the war on drugs” has finally caught up to the big wig Manhattanites and they couldn’t be more upset and afraid. After a few high-profile yuppies – including a millionaire executive from Chipotle and a Fox Business Network producer – got caught in a drug sting that brought down an NYC drug delivery service, cocaine customers have been too shook to place an order for delivery out of fear of getting bagged and exposed as well.

Reports the New York Post:

A Manhattan publicist who considers herself a weekend indulger admits the headline-grabbing arrests serve as a wake-up call. “This is actually terrifying. Everybody is scared,” says the 30-something, adding that she intends to curb her cocaine use. After all, if you get arrested, “your face is all of a sudden all over the world. Your career is over.”

A local restaurateur shares the fear — though he is not ready to give up on his 3.5 grams-per-week habit, for which he pays around $400. But “last week, I was with a client at a bar in the Meatpacking [District] and we wanted some stuff,” says the 45-year-old. “My [dealer] was stuck in Queens and the bartender told us about a guy we could talk to [in a corner of the bar]. Before the bust was in the news, we would have taken a shot. But now I’m more cautious. We thought he looked too clean-cut. We didn’t get involved.”

Others are finding work-arounds that mitigate risk. A millennial in real estate says, “The arrests are crazy, especially in . . . New York. It’s like busting people for drinking coffee.”

More sympathetic we could not be, but for every person who thinks that these arrests seem “crazy” there are others that see these arrests as progress. Yeah, we’re petty like that.

Peep the deer in headlight faces the party perps made in court below.


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Photo: AP Photo


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