The NYPD cop who shot and killed Delrawn Small after a road rage incident in Brooklyn has been stripped of his gun and badge. It turns out the storythe officer gave investigators doesn’t add with what is actually seen on surveillance footage. 

A police officer lied to cover his ass? No way! #sarcasm

Reports the New York Daily News:

Officer Wayne Isaacs was placed on modified duty and will work a desk job while the NYPD and the state Attorney General’s office investigate evidence — including seemingly damning video that contradicts what Isaacs said happened before he shot Delrawn Small, 37, in a road-rage incident in East New York early on July 4.

The video shows Smalls getting shot within seconds of approaching Isaacs’ car.

Isaacs had previously claimed he opened fire from the seat of his car because Small had punched him in the face at least twice.

So getting socked in the face twice (which in this case may not have even happened) is enough to pull out a gun and shoot someone?

So much for serving and protecting with courage. Also, desk duty means this guy is still getting paid.

Before you ask, yes, Small was an ex-con. But we’re going to guess Isaacs had no idea about that while in the confines of his car. And unarmed men tend to back up quickly when you wave a gun in their direction.

The New York Post first showed the surveillance footage that shows Small being gunned down after feeling that Isaacs had cut him off in traffic.

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