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There are a billion reasons Dr. Dre is the last Black man that should be placed in handcuffs, but it still happened. As many expect considering the suspect details, the Compton rapper/producer and Beats By Dre founder will not be facing any gun charges. 

Earlier this week, a motorist accused Dr. Dre of pulling a gun on him after the N.W.A member told him to move from in front of the driveway of his Malibu home.  Said motorist accused Dre of pulling a gun on him and requested a citizen’s arrest, hence the cuffs and a search for a non-existent gun.

However, the DA has spotted the jig, with TMZ reporting that a case against Dre has been curved thanks to “insufficient evidence.”

Can we charge the motorist for the bullsh*t story and attempted waste of tax dollars, though?

Photo: TMZ