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This is one time it might not be Tyga‘s fault. A USC fraternity member says he booked the occasional rapper and put down $13,500 to have him perform at a party—but it didn’t happen. 

T-Raww never showed, but it seems that the frat just got swindled.

Reports TMZ:

The frat kid, Scott Slomann, says he struck a deal back in February with a guy who promised to deliver Tyga for a Delta Tau Delta turn up. Slomann says he wired $13,500 to the broker.

But, according to docs obtained by TMZ, Tyga was a no-show at the party. Slomann says when he demanded a full refund … the suspect went radio silent.

LAPD’s now executed a search warrant at U.S. Bank to retrieve information about the owner of the account where the money was wired. Slomann also hired a P.I. and according to the docs … his guy tracked down the suspect and found out he’s already being sued for ripping off someone else for $15k.

One, did frat dude bother to confirm he was dealing with an actual Tyga rep?

Two, you put down $13.5K, for Tyga?

The struggle is real.

Photo: Instagram