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Katrina Pierson, a spokeswoman for Donald Trumps presidential campaign and known President Barack Obama critic, made an epic gaffe on CNN Tuesday night. Pierson essentially blamed President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who was a senator in 2004, for the car bomb death of U.S. soldier Capt. Humayun Khan that year.

Pierson’s attack on Obama was extremely curious, as he wasn’t even a senator at the time and Clinton was serving as a junior senator herself representing the state of New York. Pierson, like many critics from the Right of Obama, blamed him for everything under the sun while seemingly forgetting the hapless presidency of George W. Bush. But this particular accusation was especially out of line.

As Raw Story reports:

Specifically, Pierson told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday that Capt. Humayun Khan “probably” died because Obama and Clinton crippled our military’s ability to fight by changing the rules of engagement.

“But surely you can understand the confusion, considering how Donald Trump never voted for the Iraq War, Hillary Clinton did,” Pierson said. “Then she didn’t support the troops to have what they need. It was under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that changed the rules of engagements that probably cost his life! So I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand why Donald Trump was confused.”

That’s mighty embarrassing.

Naturally, the Internet seized on the opportunity to mock Pierson’s lack of historical knowledge or the ownership of a calendar by way of the #KatrinaPiersonHistory trending topic that’s raging right now. We’ve collected the best responses via Twitter below and on the following pages. Let’s see how she cleans this mess up in the coming days.


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