NFL fans are tight. The Hall of Fame game, which kicks off the return of the season was supposed to go down tonight (Aug. 7) but has been cancelled due to poor field conditions. 

Reports the NFL:

The disappointing decision came after player safety concerns arose. NFL Media’s Steve Wyche reports that the midfield logo was the main area of concern. It recently was painted and it was slick and hard, according to several team officials.

The embarrassing news casts a pall on an otherwise great weekend. Sunday’s game was going to be much of a regular season preview, although it provides a chance for end-of-the-roster plays to impress coaches and make the team. Undrafted free agent Joe Callahan was expected to start at quarterback for the Packers. Starters usually play a series or two at most in the first preseason game.

Needless to say, Twitter is pissed off.

How did you not make sure the field was on points days beforehand? Somebody gots [sic] to get fired bruh.

Photo: Twitter

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