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When will the madness end?

Last Tuesday (August 2), Leroy Bill Black succumbed to his battle with lung cancer and within days, the New Jersey man and his double life were outed to the entire Press of Atlantic City readership.

Black’s wife and his side piece ran obituaries on the same day. In the same paper. One on top of the other.

They even used the same picture, but here’s the thing: the mistress Princess Hall had the gall to include that Black was survived by family, friends and his “longtime girlfriend” as if she is unaware that “girlfriend” is no match for “wife.” She also managed to omit a couple of the children’s names that the wife included. Hmm. Messy.

Then again, according to the Philly Voice, each woman knew that each other’s post would run. A rep from the Greenidge Funeral Homes claimed both women were aware of the postings. They deliberately chose to compose them separately because “the wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way.”

Hey, if they like it…


Photo: screen cap