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A lyrical wizard has been enlisted to do battle in the war between a downtrodden Chicago neighborhood and arguably the largest corporation in America. Having lurked under the surface, spewing frustration and aggression for some time, it seems that the issues between Wal-Mart and Chicago’s South Side might have been relegated to socio-political purgatory. That is until a native lent his star power to the affair. Seeking to sway the direction of the matter, Hip-Hop head Rhymefest has come to give the issue a much needed revitalizing jolt, but not in the way that most people would assume. He is on the side of big business, and for good reason.

Reminiscing on memories of a childhood past has allowed the rapper to choose sides in the ongoing local conflict. Citing a need for better food, jobs, and the right for the South Sides denizens to control their own destiny, he has united with “Jobs or Else” and the Walmart Community Action Network to improve the conditions of his old home.

An alderman against the proposed Wal-Mart move has tied the agreement in political red tape because not everyone employed to erect the superstore will be members of the union. The “Jesus Walks” rapper has publicly decried the move, and while protesting with Wally World supporters outside of city hall, offered the world simple reasoning behind his motives.

“It’s a food dessert. . . As an artist, an activist, and a south side resident, let me put it plainly. If you can’t come in and provide living wage jobs and fresh affordable produce, then how can you say anyone else can’t?”

The proposed Wal-Mart would be located on the South Side’s 83rd and Chatham, and is expected to create between 300 to 500 jobs that would pay nearly $12.00 an hour.

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