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We can finally start moving on from the calls to revoke Common’s “woke” card, hopefully. In a recent interview, the Chicago rapper said Donald Trump as president would be a return to the “slave days.” 

“America wouldn’t be taking a step back… we’d be taking 12 steps back [if Trump becomes president],” Com to the Sense told Newsweek. “It would be returning to some of the mentality of racism we’ve seen in the mid-Sixties, in the civil rights era. It would be returning to some of the actual racism that existed in slave days.”

There are those who may say Trump isn’t racist. Considering all the evidence that makes it obvious he’s a blatant bigot on his best day, these same people probably don’t read very much.

As for Common, he added, “There’s a certain mentality that is being put out there [by Trump’s campaign] that it doesn’t seem like it’s for [the good of] everybody. It doesn’t seem like the intention is to unite people. It is part of the racist mentality that we in America don’t want to be part of, that we’re tired of and want to get rid of.”

Peep the rest of Common’s interview with Newsweek, including commentary on who he’s voting for and the gun violence in Chicago, right here.

We need a new album, too, Com.