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A mayoral race in Midland City, Ala. turned a bit ugly when GOP incumbent Mayor Patsy Skipper allegedly took to Facebook to make a racist statement. On Tuesday, Mayor Skipper reportedly wrote “I lost. The N*gger won” downing her Black opponent but she claims that it was not her doing.

Raw Story reported on Skipper’s loss to  Jo Ann Bennett Grimsley, a 27-year veteran county employee who also worked as Midland City’s water clerk and county court clerk. Mayor Skipper was just in her post as interim since last February after the resignation of her husband, former Mayor Virgil Skipper. The publication has a screenshot of Skipper’s page, although it cannot be confirmed if it was legitimately done by her.

In a report from the Dothan Eagle, Skipper claims she hasn’t had control of her Facebook account for weeks. Skipper even went on to congratulate Grimsley, who is the city’s first Black mayor.

From the Dothan Eagle:

A screenshot of Skipper’s Facebook page, which was not viewable by those not on her friend’s list, showed a short exchange from Skipper’s account and another person. When asked about the results of the election, the reply on Skipper’s Facebook account included the racially charged comment.

“My Facebook has been messed up for several weeks and I haven’t been using it,” Skipper said when contacted Wednesday night by the Dothan Eagle. “I think I’ve been hacked.”

Skipper said she just underwent heart surgery and couldn’t even get out and campaign for the election.

“And that, my Facebook, has been the least of my worries,” she said.

Grimsley has apparently taken the high road and has not responded to the racist Facebook jab.


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