Marco Gutierrez, the founder of the Latinos for Trump group, was a guest on MSNBC Thursday night on All In With Chris Hayes and issued a stern warning for America’s future. It appears that Mr. Gutierrez sides with Donald Trump‘s wide-sweeping immigration policy and warned that if nothing is done, taco trucks will be on every corner.

From NBC News:

Marco Gutierrez, founder of Latinos for Trump, joined Joy-Ann Reid and New York State Sen. Adriano Espaillat on Thursday to discuss Trump’s previous day’s immigration speech. Gutierrez, a Mexican-born immigrant, made the comment in a discussion with Reid over whether Trump’s tone on immigration was so alienating people that he was possibly facing a Barry Goldwater moment.

Gutierrez referred to “problems” in the country in relation to illegal immigration.

“My culture is a very dominant culture,” Gutierrez said. “And it is imposing, and it is causing problems. If you don’t do something about it you are going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

So let that sink in a bit and here’s where we quote The Wire‘s Marlo Stanfield by stating this “sounds like one of them good problems” because tacos are delicious!

On a serious note, the comment made by Gutierrez echoes a growing sentiment among Trump supporters who are believing the campaign rhetoric that America is being destroyed by an influx of illegal immigration.

Like most Trump surrogates, Gutierrez is mostly repeating sound bites from the business mogul but this is an especially bold turn of events. Don’t mess with our tacos, buddy. We like those over here.

Below and on the following pages, Gutierrez’s remarks got a response under the #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner hashtag on Twitter. We’ve collected some of our faves. If we missed one of yours, let us know in the comments section.

Photo: MSNBC

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