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Looks like the N-word is an equal offender now. A White woman thought she heard a black kid call her son one in a fight, so she jumped in and slapped him.

Rawstory writes:

A white mother of a high school student is facing assault charges after she grabbed a black student by the shirt and slapped him across his face.

Heather Lynn Sebra decided to intervene when her son got into a fight with John Thomas, a black student who is her son’s teammate on the Northumberland High School football team in Virginia.

Instead of breaking up the fight and cooling things down, however, Sebra grabbed Thomas’s shirt and slapped him across the face.

But here’s  the twist. Sebra not only slapped Thomas, but she also scolded him for allegedly calling her son a “n*gger.”

She can be heard screaming: “You’re not going to call my son a n*gger. I don’t believe in that word. You’re not gonna call my son a n*gger, you understand me?”

Thomas looks at her confused, just like you are looking at this article. He says he never called her son the N-word and it looks like he didn’t know that Black people could call White people that.

Assault charges have been pressed against Sebra and a protective order was served against her by the Northumberland Sheriff’s Office.

This is a sad story, but man, can you imagine the embarrassment? Brown was already losing the fight, but then to have someone’s mother jump in, slap you and yell at you too? Homie may have to change schools or leave town.


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