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Although Drake didn’t want to admit it, the Toronto rapper’s tour bus was liberated of the jewelry of his DJ, the SEO unfriendly monikered Future the Prince. More evidence is coming to light in how dude made off with $3M in jewels, and part of the blame could be the bus driver not knowing who was or wasn’t OVO. 

Yeah, the bus driver thought the thief who made off with the briefcase containing the jewelry was part of Drizzy’s entourage.

We’re just going to put the image of the man thought to be in the crew whose tour DJ can afford that much jewelry, right here.


Says TMZ:

According to court docs … at around 11:15 PM the driver says he saw Travion King board the bus. Travion didn’t ask for permission, so the driver assumed Travion knew the performers.

The driver had remained with the bus so he left the tour bus door unlocked. 

The docs refer to security camera footage of Travion walking toward the parked bus without a briefcase … then 2 minutes later walking away clutching the briefcase containing the bling.

King was charged with felony burglary after being caught a few hours later.

That bus driver is the worst. No shots.

Photo: TMZ