Chris Brown needs to make back some of that cash he dropped on his $250k bond last month after he was accused and arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. So he’s making t-shirts.

Brown already proclaimed his innocence in a series of Instagram videos that he filmed as LAPD SWAT officers surrounded his home after Baylee Curran accused him of pulling a gun on her.

Curran‘s credibility has since been questioned severely as she’s currently wanted for grand larceny in New York City. Brown’s lawyer tells TMZ that the case has fallen apart, but the cops are insisting that the investigation is in full swing.

It remains to be seen if Brown will ever have to testify in court about what happened that night, but he is offering testimony anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Chris Brown “THIS B!TCH LYIN'” t-shirt.


The shirt comes courtesy of Brown’s Black Pyramid clothing line. As you can see, we have the statement “THIS B!TCH LYIN'” plastered on the front in big bold letters. On the back we have a pop art-inspired drawing of a blonde White woman shedding a tear. While it’s safe to assume that this is a characterization of Curran, it can also be applied to any “Becky” that has played the victim role take down any successful Black man in America.

The shirts have already sold out within minutes, but Brown promises that a restock is coming.

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