You know the struggle is real when you hire a struggle rapper/videographer to film your music video and he ends up shooting you. That’s exactly what happened when a 19-year-old aspiring musician hired a man off of a social media site who goes by Whitey, and Whitey Gz, to film a music video.

The incident happened on Wednesday night (September 21) when Whitey met up with the musician in the Boogie Down to shoot the video. Smelling some quick cash the struggle videographer/rapper attempted to pull a fast one, but when the potential victim resisted, Whitey pulled out a handgun and let one off into the kid’s left thigh before hightailing it out of there.

Reports Gothamist:

Police responded and transported the victim to St. Barnabas Hospital in stable condition.

Cops said their preliminary investigation suggests that Whitey and the victim met on Dyer Avenue shortly before the robbery attempt, and took a cab to 3419 Irwin “for the purpose of making a music video in which the victim was to be the talent and [Whitey] was to be the videographer.”

Whitey, who has dreadlocks, is believed to have a tattoo that says “Achieve the Impossible” on his left arm and another that says “Dream for Success” on his right arm. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, and white sneakers.

This goes to show that you really can’t trust anyone you meet on social media. Also if you didn’t know that already there’s a good chance we’ll one day be writing about you too.

Below is a picture of the culprit just in case you want to shoot a music clip but want to avoid getting clapped.


Photo: Instagram

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