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Las Vegas police have arrested a man suspected of shooting up a Starbucks Coffee store after his card was declined. One customer was killed.

Rick Ross once rapped that “being dead broke is the root of all evil” and this unfortunate event in Las Vegas proves it.

The Daily Mail is reporting that a Hispanic man in his 30s came to the drive-thru of a local Starbucks Coffee to get something to drink. When the cashier ran his card, it was declined. The cashier still gave the man the water he asked for though.

At that point the man grew agitated, parked his car and entered the building with his gun drawn, threatening to shoot customers. After he let off a few shots in the air, he got in a confrontation with a random customer and shot them dead.

After the shooting, the man called 911 himself to report the event. He gave dispatchers a false identity and attempted to blend in with the other customers when police arrived to evacuate them from the building. His planned worked at first, but then police properly identified the suspect and arrested him.

Police say that the man had a history of violence and should not have been in possession of a firearm. They also confirmed that the shooter did not know the man that he killed.

Photo: 3LV Screenshot

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