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After a home invasion robbery, Kim Kardashian is rethinking a lot of things. Among them, the reality star says she will no longer be flossing her wealth on social media, which many say may have marked her as a target. 

Reports TMZ:

Sources close to Kim tell us … she actually agrees with critics who say she put a target on her back by flaunting her wealth and jewelry on social media. A number of people have been critical of Kim for posing with her $4.5 million diamond ring in the apartment shortly before the hit.

We’re told Kim is taking a month off work and when she returns she’s pulling back in a big way on social media. She won’t be displaying her personal wealth … and she’ll even be less ostentatious with the promotion of her fashion line.

Wait, taking a month off…work? If that’s what you want to call it.

As for putting a pause on the stuntin’, she still has past pictures up. Peep some of the pics that surely had the wolves foaming at the mouth and looking to catch a lick below and on the flip.


Photos: Instagram

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