This past Monday (Oct. 17) a father-son duo in Brooklyn saved a woman from becoming the latest victim of sexual assault when they interrupted the attack on their way home from their Martial Arts and Fitness Studio.

Reporetedly a little past midnight, Luis Ruiz, 46 and his stepson, Antonio Piñas, 28 were about to enter their apartment on Seigel Ct. when they heard strange sounds emerging from a behind a nearby van.

When they went to investigate they stumbled upon what appeared to be a couple in an intimate and compromising position, but in reality they interrupted a sexual assault in process.

Reports New York DailyNews:

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was just a boyfriend and girlfriend altercation,” said Ruiz.

“They were on the ground … He was on top of her, you could see something was happening … he was like shaking her… there was some roughness going on,”

After asking if everything was OK, the startled man got up and swiftly began to make his getaway. When the men realized that the woman’s face was dripping with blood, Piñas gave chase and followed the attacker for blocks.

“He looked back two times, I slowed down, went across the street and behind some cars so he didn’t even know that I was there … I stayed like a block away from him,” Piñas said.

Though Piñas is a third-degree black belt capable of dishing out flavorful fades, he thought it better that he get the police on the phone and track the suspect in question until they showed up. Once they did, Piñas – who was an auxiliary police officer for seven years himself – hopped into the police car and pointed out attacker who was still on the move.

Ultimately cops arrested 31-year-old Todd Deas—who reportedly has 19 prior arrests—for the sexual assault on who police described as a 27-year-old woman who was on her way home from synagogue.

Fortunately for everyone Ruiz and Piñas didn’t just see something and said something, they did something and took a sexual predator off the streets..

Photo: New York Daily News

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