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Kid Cudi is dancing with mushrooms and famous friends in his new music video for “Surfin’.”

Apparently, threats aren’t the only think Kid Cudi can send from rehab. He can also release new music videos. Cudi just unreleased a new clip for his Pharell-featured track “Surfin'” where he’s seen dancing in a trippy, multi-colored lit world surrounded by mushrooms and friends. Among them are A$AP Rocky, ASAP Nast, Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith.

The song’s lyrics are pretty much an extension of the shots he’s been throwing at his peers as of late. The hook talks about not riding waves, but creating his own, while he later raps:

The industry is so full of shit

Welcome y’all to the enema

Nah man, no subliminal

Cause they insecure, they know who they are

True to his word, Cudi avoided all subliminals when he called out Kanye West and Drake by name for having a team of writers behind their songs. Kanye and Drake both responded by calling out Cudi at shows on their respective tours. Kanye later apologized and called Cudi one of the most influential artists of the last 10 years. Drake on the other hand, kept his foot on Cudi’s neck dissing him on “Two Birds, One Stone” and mocked his recent struggles with depression.