Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci earned 1,000 trap points for allegedly pulling a gun out on a potential chain snatcher in Chicago.

Earlier this week, video began circulating of what appeared to be Lucci brandishing a pistol on stage in Chicago after someone in the crowd attempted to snatch his chain.


However, like anyone else who isn’t trying to catch a gun charge or mess up future show money, Lucci has taken to social media to deny the authenticity of the video.


Lucci’s road manager has also denied the video’s authenticity in a Facebook post, saying, “LIES LIES LIES AINT SH*T HAPPEN IN CHI TOWN BUT SOME SHOPPING AMD SOME BAD ASS FEMALES.”

The video is indeed old. Original footage of Lucci supposedly toting the pistol and the shootout that proceeded it has been circulating on Youtube for months. The incident did not happen in Chicago either, it happened in Little Rock, Ark. at a show with Johnny Cinco. No official reports state what actually happened, but people close to the situation did not deny to HipHopWired that a chain snatch was attempted on this night.

On top of that, Lucci broke his ankle recently and is getting around wearing a boot on his foot. This footage shows no boot on Lucci’s foot.

Don’t believe everything you read, or see, on the internet folks.

Photo: Instagram