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In the aftermath of Donald Trump‘s upset win over Hillary Clinton Tuesday night in the Presidential Election, several hashtags across social media channels have been initiated. One of the most pointed has been the #TwitterBlackout tag, which has taken aim at Trump and the fact few saw this win coming given the business mogul’s terrible media history.

The #TwitterBlackOut response is just one of many towards trump and has been ongoing since the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Collectively, Twitter users are in obvious disbelief that a man of such bigoted stances and limited experience in politics now holds the highest office in the land. Despite the call by Trump during his victory speech to bring the country together as one, there are several people on either side of the debate that don’t see how that reality is possible. Many are showing solidarity in the movement by blacking out their profile photos.

This backlash isn’t entirely unexpected, given the fact Trump has not won over many with his dated views on women, people of other religions, and his ham-fisted comments about immigrants. However, political analysts and laypersons alike assumed that Trump would be crushed under the weight of his bombast and societal ignorance.

Instead, Trump seized on a message to Middle America that he was there to support their needs and concerns while knocking down the so-called insidious nature of Washington politics. Coupled with a non-starting scandal from Clinton’s camp regarding those pesky emails, Trump’s campaign had the perfect recipe to incite fear and mobilization across the Republican base.

See below and on the following pages some of the responses towards Donald Trump’s upset win via the #TwitterBlackout hashtag.


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