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A Tribe Called Quest will be releasing their final album, ever, on Friday. It looks like they are going out with a bang.

ATCQ final album We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service is being welcomed with every emotion ranging from excitement to worry. The excitement comes from it being their first album together in 18 years. The worry coming from it not living up to the expected instant classic status already bestowed upon it. Either way, it looks like Tribe swung for the fences on their swan song as the album includes 16 tracks and a star-studded list of features.

Featured guest Talib Kweli revealed the list of co-stars via Instagram.

This is perhaps the most diverse list of features we’ve ever seen on a Tribe album. Prior albums usually included features from members of De La Soul or Leaders Of The New School and they were often all on the same song. Here we have some of the biggest names in music present. It will be interesting to see how these artists powerful, and sometimes scene-stealing artists, mesh with Tribe on record. Also, with Phife Dawg passing away in March and Q-Tip tweaking on the album everyday since then, will fans looking for song after song of Phife verses be satisfied, especially with so many voices included? It is encouraging to know that everyone featured was mandated to record at Q-Tip’s studio, so the vibes have to be there.

As for the tracklist itself, the song titles are sure to pique your interest.

01 The Space Program

02 We The People….

03 Whateva Will Be

04 Solid Wall of Sound

05 Dis Generation

06 Kids…

07 Melatonin

08 Enough!!

09 Mobius

10 Black Spasmodic

11 The Killing Season

12 Lost Somebody

13 Movin Backwards

14 Conrad Tokyo

15 Ego

16 The Donald

Given the times we are in, each song title looks like it has the potential to be an anthem. We will all get to see what this sounds like on Friday. Tribe will also be the musical guests on Saturday Night Live with Dave Chappelle hosting. Are you looking forward to it?