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Politics are always a dicey topic of conversation. For one Brooklyn woman, a family argument, involving two brothers and a meat cleaver, over the election of Donald Trump led to her getting part of her thumb cut off. 

Here’s the real struggle: no one arguing actually voted for Trump.

Reports the New York Daily News:

A 49-year-old ex-con enraged about President-elect Donald Trump’s victory slashed four of his relatives with a meat cleaver Saturday, leaving his niece with a severed thumb, police sources said.

Yvonne Braswell, 67, said the fight began around 8:30 p.m. in her Flatbush apartment when her sons, Maurice and Dwight, argued over why Hillary Clinton was defeated. Neither brother voted for Trump, Braswell said.

But the dispute escalated. Drunk on a bottle of Hennessy, Maurice Braswell hit his brother with a chair, Assistant District Attorney Triyonah Langsam said.

He then grabbed the cleaver, and when his mother, niece and nephew intervened, he cut them all, as well as his brother, authorities said. His niece, Shataviah, 25, lost her thumb to the top knuckle to the cleaver’s blade, Langsam said.

Maurice Braswell, who had just gotten off parole after serving a 20-year bid for armed robbery, was hit  with assault and weapons charges.

He is being held on $7,500 bond. Don’t count on his family bailing him out.

“Everyone here voted for Clinton, but my sons, both of them, are high-strung,,” Yvonne Braswell told the New York Post. “They don’t fight a lot, but when they do, it can get bad.”

Ya think? Bruh…