Stan Van Gundy is woke. While discussing Phil Jackson drawing LeBron James ire by describing his friends as a “posse,” the Detroit Pistons coach admitted he’d used the term in the past—and also expressed why he was wrong to do so. 

Van Gundy was candid about using “posse” in the past when referring to players, and admitted he didn’t use it when referring to white players.

“It makes you all think,’’ Van Gundy told the New York Post before the Knicks vs Pistons game on Wednesday (Nov. 16) night. “I think we’ve all got to become aware of our language and attitudes. I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I’ve used that word before. OK. When all that came out, I had to ask myself: Have I ever used that word before with a white player? The answer is no.”

He added, “You have to be aware of your own biases if you want to overcome them. I took that seriously. I understand why it’s offensive. I’ve never used that word publicly, but I have used it in talking to people I know. It has never been in conjunction with a white player.”

Props to Van Gundy for keeping it 100. Admitting you have a racial bias does not condemn you as a racist. If you deny said bias, you probably are, though.

And now, let us remember that time Stan Van Gundy gave no f*cks about pointing out that Dwight Howard was throwing him under the bus.

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