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Hell seems to be getting colder by the minute. Donald Trump has nominated heart surgeon and former Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

So first the facts. According to the HUD website, their purpose is to:

“Address America’s housing needs, improve and develop the Nation’s communities and enforce fair housing laws. HUD’s business is helping to create a decent home and suitable living environment for all Americans.”

Secondly, the bullsh*t.

Trump, who built his fortune off real estate, came in the game in 1973 by getting sued by the Department of Justice for his role in discriminating against potential African-American tenants in one of his buildings. NPR recalls a story where Black man walked into the property inquiring about an “apartment for rent” sign in the window, only for the superintendent  told  him that the room was no longer available and that they forgot to take the sign down. However, when a White woman walked in to inquire about the same space, she was given a full tour and offered a lease. When the superintendent was pressed about lying, he replied that his boss, Trump, told him not to rent to Black tenants.

Thirdly, more b*llshit.

Dr. Carson, has absolutely no experience in running a government agency but insists that he can do the job because he “grew up in the inner city” in Detroit. Hell, he’s even said himself that he didn’t want a Cabinet position because he felt like he’d be in over his head.

Mind you, he said this after trying to run for President.

He is also on record saying, “We the people have the responsibility to take care of the indigent in our society. It’s not the government’s job.”

So now we have a President who has gone against what HUD stands for, appointing a man doesn’t think the programs HUD enacts should even exist to lead the ship.



Twitter has been responding to the news exactly how you’d expect.


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