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The guy who claims Matt Barnes used his face like a speed bag has shared photos of his injuries. If this is indeed what the NBA player did to his grill, it’s no wonder Derek Fisher threatened Barnes with a restraining order

You gotta wonder why homie didn’t just keep the pics to himself and save them for court, though.

Maybe he’s trying to get a quiet, yet chunky, settlement?

Reports TMZ Sports:

The man suing Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins just released pics of his alleged injuries … and it’s pretty brutal.

Myrone Powell and Jasmine Besiso just appeared at a news conference in NYC — where, along with attorney Michael Lamonsoff, they spelled out their case against the NBA stars.

Myrone still has a black eye from the incident — and says he doesn’t know why he or his girlfriend were targeted by the NBA stars at Avenue Nightclub Monday morning.

As for the photos of Barnes’ neck — Lamonsoff says Barnes had choked out ANOTHER woman that night, and his injuries were from her … as she was trying to defend herself. 

Lamonsoff says there is surveillance footage from inside the club — which he hopes will prove his clients did nothing wrong. 

Anyway, peep photos of the alleged aftermath of catching a 2-piece and a biscuit at the hands of Matt Barnes below and on the flip.

We still gotta hear both sides, though. Barnes shared pics of his neck (which had scratches) and his fists (which looked untouched, and not in line with throwing hands).


Photos: TMZ Sports

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