University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon has been enduring plenty of media scrutiny after details of a 2014 incident involving the athlete punching a female student began to emerge. Last Friday, Mixon’s legal team released the video which shows what unfolded on that July day.

NewsOK reports:

University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon on Friday had his attorney make public the surveillance video that shows him punching another student, Amelia Molitor, in July 2014.

Mixon also had his attorney release a second surveillance video from the same night.

The second video shows other OU football players at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe in Norman at the time of the incident.

Blake Johnson, Mixon’s attorney, wrote a letter on behalf of his client in where he expressed remorse and noted that he publicly apologized to Amelia Molitor, her family and friends, and the entire Oklahoma student body.

The case has a lot of moving parts as Molitor is currently suing Mixon in an Oklahoma City federal court for the punch. Two claims filed by Molitor regarding the July 25, 2014 event have been struck down by the judge overseeing the matter. Mixon contends that with Molitor’s current claim, intentional infliction of emotional distress should also be bypassed as Molitor initiated the encounter.

Mixon, 20, says that Molitor assaulted him and his friends with slurs and that she shoved him in the chest and became confrontational thus leading to the punch that led to fractures to the 22-year-old’s face and a year-long suspension from the team. Mixon was charged with misdemeanor assault and took a plea deal to go on probation for one year with 100 hours of community service.

Despite the current climate, Mixon is slated to play for the team in the upcoming Sugar Bowl game.

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