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Tupac lives! A person who was terrible at their one job printed the lyrics to his “Hail Mary” song in a Christmas carol book.

The Joy To The World 2016 music festival included what is considered the largest Christmas caroling service in America this year. People from all over the country convened to sing their hearts out and spread some Christmas cheer. But as Real Talk has discovered, some of that cheer almost got replaced with some hate and revenge.

Lyrics to Tupac’s scathing 1996 getback track “Hail Mary” were mistakenly printed in the sing-a-long booklet for the festival. This is obviously different from the traditional Catholic prayer that is chanted around this time of year.

No word on if anybody actually went through with singing the lyrics among carolers. Mistake or prank, this shows that the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s presence is still felt two decades after his death.


h/t Real Talk